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Prayer With God

By Veronica O’Connor

How often do you engage in quality communication with the Lord God? Do you live daily in His presence, seeking His will and direction for your life? Is good communication with Him mandatory for you, since He supplies your needs every hour, every minute? Take a voyage through this book, and see what effect prayer will have on your spiritual life.

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Veronica's Caribbean Dishes

By Veronica O'Connor

Veronica O’Connor hails from the hills of St Catherine Jamaica W.I.

She’s from a family of eleven. Being the eldest female of nine children, she was the one who helps mom in the kitchen and cooks for the family when mom goes out. As a result the skills of cooking gradually increases with her as she matures into womanhood. Her dream of creating a cookbook generates when she baked a plantain banana cake, gave pieces to friends who started to enquire about the recipe, after they have tasted how delicious it was.

Cooking for the family inspired her to widen her skills further. Her book consist of a collection of unique Jamaican dishes such as “curry-goat, oxtail, jerk chicken, ackee and salt fish, puddings, cakes, soups, drinks etc. and best of all the good old Jamaican blue draws”.

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