About The Author

Veronica O’Connor was born and grew up in Point Hill, Jamaica, W.I. She grew up in the church and as a child accepted Jesus Christ in her life at the age of twelve years. She was the first of her siblings to accept Jesus Christ in her life. She was a Sunday school teacher and an active member of the church choir for many years. After graduated from Primary school, her career began as a Kindergarten teacher and she taught in that capacity for twelve years. She then move on to the Primary School where she taught for an additional two years.

Veronica migrated to Toronto, Canada in 1992 where she worked various odd jobs before entering into the field of health. In 1994 she attended Career Canada College and received a Diploma in Medical Office and Laboratory Assisting. In 2002 she graduated from George Brown College with a diploma in Nursing as a Registered Practical Nurse. Since then she has held that position and currently working as a staff nurse at a retirement home here in Brampton, Ontario.

Veronica continued to explore her God-given talent and in the year 2006 she wrote and published a cook book entitled Veronica’s Caribbean Dishes. As her spiritual desire got more intense she saw the need to write this book on “Prayer with God”. Veronica is in the process of writing another book (her Auto-biography) which she hopes will complete soon. Veronica has had many positive experiences as a result of prayer and through her strong continued faith in God; therefore she felt the urge to share some of these with others. She hopes that one will experience a life changing effect from the daily use and meditation of the contents of this book.

— Veronica O'Connor

Prayer should be used as the first approach to every situation in life, not as a last resort. PRAYER is a virtual weapon in the hands of all believers.